On hiatus

by jguiver on 22/08/2013

As anyone who was a regular reader of this blog will know, I haven’t written a post in quite some time.  A few life changes happened (all good) and I’ve just found myself with less time to write than before.  I’m a little bit sad because I enjoyed writing this blog, but it seems silly for me […]


Recruiting Third Culture Kids (TCKs)


I originally published this post in February 2011, but it’s still relevant.  As more children are living outside of their ‘home’ culture, and as international schools multiply, we will see more students defined as Third Culture Kids.  Because of their international upbringing, these students may have particular student welfare concerns. ******************************************************************** Third Culture Kids or […]

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Japan, building partnerships and the quirks of travel


My husband is the International Partnerships Manager for another university here in the north of England.  He’s just returned from a trip to Japan where he was visiting a prospective study abroad partner institution.  It’s been awhile since I travelled anywhere, so I thought it might be nice to get a little snapshot of what […]

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Top stories in international higher education


I’ve been quiet for the past several months, not blogging as much and instead focusing on life at home.  A lot has happened; several big stories affecting international higher education made headlines.  MOOCs I’ll confess: I don’t really know very much about them, and I’m actually a bit puzzled as to why they are causing […]

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Why do we recruit international students?


With all the media hype, you’d be forgiven for thinking we recruit international students solely for their value to the economy.  And it’s no secret the economic contribution of international students on any recruiting nation (estimated): USD 22 billion to the United States AUD 14 billion to Australia GBP 8 billion to the UK CAD 8 […]

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How international should we be?


I’m sure the question is asked in university international offices across the country each time a new prospectus, brochure or leaflet is designed and printed – how international should we be? By that I mean, which photos should be included in the prospectus to entice and engage the largest number of prospective international students.  It’s […]

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Education UK: déjà vu?


At a time when everyone is competing for the lucrative overseas student market, the UK just can’t seem to get it together.  Canada’s recent investment of millions to promote it as a study destination, Australia’s rethinking visa regulations, and the waking of the sleeping giant – the USA – to international student recruitment: all have been […]

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